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Pam Elmer

“Thank you.  Since our session I have become much more confident in dealing with stressful situations and feel much more in control.”


“I completed two sessions and found them very helpful and am in a much better place now.  You were very approachable, understanding and made me feel at ease.”


“My GP suggested I contact you and quite simply I could not have got through July and August without your support.  Having never been really ill I just could not accept or cope with the situation but you helped me understand what was happening to me.  Being a strong willed person I never would have thought that the type of therapy you offer would be of any use to someone like me but I was so wrong.  Saying thank you sounds very inadequate for what you have done.”


I feel that I am back to being myself again after what was a dark period for me.  The sessions have rebuilt my confidence and I feel I can take on any challenges life may bring.  Thank you for taking the time to help me – I would have no doubts in recommending your service to others."


“I came to see you following panic attacks whilst driving that were seriously impacting my life.  It was comforting to find complete understanding of what had happened to me.  After the first session I felt 75% better and was able to drive again with much more confidence.  After the second session I was totally back in control and enjoying driving with confidence once more.  I would recommend your very professional service to anyone.”


“Amazing.  I have had only one occurrence of my IBS problem and I was able to stop it as you showed me.  My first session with you was life changing.  Thank you so much.  My initial symptoms have virtually gone.  





Testimonials ...

"After years of unsuccessful medical interventions, two sessions with you have helped so much.”


“Thank you.  With all the outside help that is on offer I have found hypnotherapy to be the best way of helping me conquer my fear of flying.”  


"Exam results were published this morning and I passed all three plus the dissertation and with a commendation overall.  Thanks for all your help and understanding." NR


"I feel better able to cope with situations that previously would have led to panic attacks.  I felt very comfortable with the treatment and feel it has really helped me.  I would not hesitate to seek further help if I felt it necessary."


"I just wanted to let you know that my running times have improved massively since we last met.  I have smashed both 5k and 10k personal best times. Thank you very much, your help has been so beneficial to me and I am looking forward to more PB’s to come." DR


"The sessions made me think about the problem in a completely different way.  Learning the relaxation techniques was really beneficial and has helped me cope with situations that were usually really difficult."  AL


"The sessions produced a genuinely positive benefit.  Your input focussed and facilitated my awareness and encouraged me to take steps to make some changes."


“I am immensely grateful for all your help.  It helped me relax and open up in confidence to someone I knew wouldn’t judge me.  It really helped me through the toughest few months of my life and it will be something I will never forget.”