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Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and Coaching


Pam Elmer


Stress/Anxiety Management

Stress affects us all at some time or another.  Perhaps we have financial worries, concerns over employment or relationship problems.  

Sometimes the symptoms of stress and anxiety or panic can be overwhelming.  The more we worry, the worse we feel and the more we worry.


Hypnotherapy and NLP offer a complementary drug-free treatment to breaking the vicious circle, combating the symptoms and putting you back in control.


IBS Management

The symptoms of IBS can range from being mildly inconvenient for the sufferer to being so severe that the sufferer is unable to function normally, sometimes unable to leave their home.

IBS doesn't only affect the person who is suffering from it, it affects family, friends and work too.


Gut centred hypnotherapy and NLP can be very helpful in managing this distressing and challenging syndrome.



Weight Management

If you have tried every fad diet going and never managed to keep off the weight you have lost, then hypnotherapy and NLP can really help.  There is no dieting.  There is no calorie counting.    


Learning  the techniques will help you change your relationship with food and the way you think about it, so that you naturally make healthy food choices in the right proportions so that any excess weight can come off steadily and stay off.


 If you want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight you can.  Eating a healthy diet will come naturally to you.