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Pam Elmer

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NEURO relates to the brain/mind.




LINGUISTIC relates to the language we use  in communication with others, self talk and non-verbal communication.




PROGRAMMING relates to the systems we use to create our behaviour.

Our experiences reflect our own representation of events and the world around us.  Everyone has their own unique perspective on life which in turn affects how we communicate to ourselves and others through our conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviours.


If our thoughts for example turn to worrying about a forthcoming event we will begin to feel some physical symptoms of anxiety, such as butterflies in the tummy, palpitations and nausea.  


The more we worry, the more symptoms we get.  Then if the event is cancelled we usually stop worrying about it and our symptoms of anxiety disappear.  


By changing our thoughts we can change the way we feel, physically and mentally, and change the way we relate to the world around us.


NLP is a very effective tool for personal change at both a conscious and unconscious level and can literally be life changing.